jueves, 5 de marzo de 2015

Beading ...my hobby

Hello, today I am going to share with you one of my hobbies, it is beading braceletes or necklace.
I use for that two books from Sandra D. Halpenny. She is lovely. Today I am going to show you one of my last necklace. the pattern is in the book, pag 73. I used toho rocalla or seed bead of 11/0, color sapphire/hyacint (4x 15 grs= 60 grs), and fire polished crystals of 4 (50 crystals) and 6 mm (25 crystals). For the big crystals I used at the end one gold rocalla miyuki 11/0. All the supplies I bought on this page http://www.mummycrafts.com/b2c/inicio.php . This magazine is in spain, but you can buy by internet. I think that is magazine offer a big quality for the beads. The attention here is so good.
 Do you want to see how is my necklace? ok... let´s see it...
here you can see it to close...

I adore this books (I bought them on amazon)... This necklace took to me two weeks. You need to bead three rows, the first one is daisys, the second are thats littles loops (you can see the amatyst 4 mm crystals), and in the third there  are the big crystals, the purple  6 mm crystals. Let me show you the books....

here are the links for the supplies:

Faceta 6mm Amethyst x50uds - Venta en bolsas de 50 unidades
Faceta 6mm Amethyst x50uds

Rocalla Miyuki 11/0 1003 Gold Silverline Raimbow x5grs - Venta por tubos x5grs
Rocalla Miyuki 11/0 1003 Gold Silverline Raimbow x5grs


Faceta Checa 4mm Light Amethyst  x50uds - Bolsita de 50uds
Faceta 4 mm Amethyst x 50 uds

Rocalla Toho 11/0 304 Inside-Color Lt Sapphire/Hyacinth Lined x5grs - Venta por tubos x5grs
Rocalla Toho 11/0 304 Inside-Color Lt Sapphire/Hyacinth Lined x5grs

                   I hope that you like it, and give your comment here .... and beading with me...





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